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Both men and women have different problems when it comes to sex life. These are some secrets that many people do not talk about thinking that they are personal and that they may only lower their ego. Today there are not only drugs in the market for men but women too have a chance to increase their sex drive using the female Viagra products like supplements and other drugs. The popular libido enhancement product is vigorelle that is advertised everywhere today. This product acts very fast after it has been applied to the clitoral area just a few minutes before having sex.

Viagra is a product that is made with natural ingredients only thus, it does not act as a lubricant. After you have applied Viagra to the clitoral area it will immediately assist in releasing the vagina’s natural juices, which will in turn increase the sensitivity of the vagina and enable you to enjoy sex with your partner. Vigorelle is made of the Western herbs and traditional Chinese medicine. Apart from Viagra, there are also other products in the market but vigorelle is the only product that is made of natural ingredients. This makes Viagra the best product that does not have serious side effects unlike the others that have perfume and other unnatural ingredients which may cause serious side effects.

The ingredients that Viagra is made up of have a certain formulation which helps to improve your sensation during sex. Viagra not only stimulate your sexual response but it also raises your arousal levels and increases lubrication to the genitals during sexual intercourse. Viagra is supposed to be applied to the clitoris directly to enable it deliver the woman’s maximum effect depending on the sexual fulfillment. According to the professionals, Viagra’s effects are greatly activated when you are touching it in that, for you to get the best results when having sex, it is best to apply many drops towards the underside of the clitoral area then massage it gently before the sexual intercourse.

Generally, the most popular drug of importance people is Viagra due to its effectiveness. Only the professionals and the qualified doctors are in a position to prescribe this kind of medication. Some people purchase for Viagra online though most of the online Viagra are not genuine and some are ineffective. Viagra can take thirty minutes to one hour or more before it takes effect. Just like any other drug, Viagra too has its side effects such as headaches, sneezing, dyspepsia, dizziness, flushing, heart attacks, photophobia, palpitations and it can lead to sudden death as well.

Viagra's side effects are rare and mild but at times they may become serious. Erectile dysfunction or low sex libido can lead to stress or depression among the partners therefore when you have such problems and you are seeking for help in order to improve your sex life, you should consider using the female Viagra cream which can increase your sex libido and bring back your happiness without straining too much.

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